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Neck Exercises after Surgery
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Neck Exercises after Surgery
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Exercise 6

Day 3+: Stand in front of a wall. Put your hands shoulder level against the wall. Try now to push over the wall, but no movement must take place.


Hold the contraction for 6 seconds and repeat 5 times.


Exercise 7

Day 3+: Stand up straight with your arms hanging at your sides. Make yourself "tall", tuck in your navel and push your shoulder blades downwards. Your physiotherapist must make sure that you do the contraction correctly. Hold the contraction for 6 seconds and repeat 15 times.


Exercise 8

Day 10+: Do exactly the same as in Exercise 7 by stabilising the shoulder blade. Bend your elbows 90º and hold them at your sides. Hold the elastic band at both ends with your hands, thumbs facing upwards. Stretch the band slowly while your elbows stay at your sides. Only a small movement must take place. Repeat 15 times.

As the muscles get stronger, progression can be done by doing more repetitions and/or hold the contractions for longer.

This program must be done 2-3 times per day.

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